Spring Tide Book Trailer!

The fantastic trailer to the December book club book!

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We are proud to present the fantastic book trailer for the gripping new crime novel Spring Tide by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind out 28th March!

The authors are a husband and wife scriptwriting team whose credits include the Arne Dahl and Wallander TV series and the Martin Beck TV movies! Excitingly, Spring Tide is also next up to be made into a fantastic ten-part drama!

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February 2014 Book Club

ImageHello bookclubbers,

After a brief hiatus we are back with our next fantastic book club book. After such a positive response to Spring Tide by Cilla and Rolf Borjlind we have chosen another crime novel for you to enjoy – Death in Pont-Aven  by Jean-Luc Bannalec!

This book sold over 500,000 copies in Germany and has even been said to boost tourism to Brittany from German tourists! It has been such a big hit in Europe that a TV movie based on Death in Pont-Aven is being broadcast in Germany in 2014!

So what is the book all about?

Commissaire Georges Dupin, a cantankerous, Parisian-born caffeine junkie, is dragged from his morning croissants and coffee to the scene of a curious murder. The local village of Pont-Aven – a community by the sea where everyone knows one another – is in shock. The ninety-one-year-old owner of the Central Hotel, Pierre-Louis Pennec, has been found dead on the restaurant floor. As Commissaire Dupin delves further and further into the lives of the victims and the suspects, he uncovers a web of secrecy and silence that belies the village’s idyllic image.

We have 6 proof copies available and as usual it is first come first served. Please email mchurcher@hesperuspress.com to request a copy.

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones the book is publishing 25th April so there is not long to wait!

Hesperus Book Club – Spring Tide by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind

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Some years back, I went through quite a phase of reading Swedish crime novels. If I can recall the chronology correctly, it started when I came across a copy of Henning Mankell’s second Wallander book, “The Dogs of Riga”, in a charity shop and liked the sound of it. I was pretty quickly hooked by the combination of great characters and plotting, and started to explore the other titles. Then OH treated me that Christmas to a lovely matching paperback set of the Martin Beck novels – a series of ten volumes written by the husband and wife team of Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, which I reckon are the progenitors of the current glut of Scandinavian crime, and are probably the best. I loved these to bits, and was interested to see that Mankell wrote the introduction to one volume, kind of acknowledging his debt to these books.


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